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Onion10 is one of the foremost and successful business process outsourcing companies in Bangladesh. Our squad of virtual assistants is highly skilled and professionals to their respected field. Onion10 delivers the finest and innovative front-office and back-office support at a reasonable cost like an in-house team. By hiring a Virtual Assistant from our service, you can effectively acquire the offshore outsourcing services. We will do our best to rank your business in the NO.1 position. Recruiting our VA will help you to be stress-free and to reach the top level of your business. Our IT and BPO service agency is one of a kind and is always willing to give all the growing support it needs.
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Our Vision

Every Business Deserve a Chance to Shine

We hold the belief that every business idea needs a chance and we are here with our incredible service to help them the best with all that we have. All the necessary services from planning to accelerate the market value that are required in a business our skilled VA can help you with it.

Our Customer is Our Main Priority

Our main objective is to understand our customer’s dreams and priorities, what kind of services they are seeking and struggling with. Our company helps other businesses by relieving them from extra stress of hiring the perfect employee for their job and substitute them with our virtual assistant. We value our customers' feedback and we always do our best to improve our practice.

Back Up of a Dedicated Team

We believe that business needs the right kind of people who are dedicated to the relevant field and are ready to face challenges to go through thick and thin. Our virtual assistants are highly qualified as they are selected from the poles of best from around the world. Here we help you to get your team who works to reach your company's goals and eventually leads it to success.

Onion10 manages BPO and ITO outsourcing services very closely to make your business successful and provide you with all the right kind of people who know exactly what your business needs.

Our Stats

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.


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On-Budget Delivery

Our Goal

Ensuring World-class Support

We are proud of empowering individuals and all sizes of business owners around the world. We love to take and conquer challenges within the realm of the possibility. Onion10 is focused to deliver the best outcome and become a recognizable name by ensuring the finest supports to its' clients.

Building a Customer-friendly Environment

Onion10 works relentlessly to give the most extraordinary service to their customer. Through our services, we want to take place in a world where any kind of business is comfortable to come and ask for assistance.

Your Success Is Our Target

The main target of Onion10 is to make a cost-effective environment for businesses with which they can succeed. We always strive to bring the most creative, innovative, and smart plans and solutions that can profit your business

Choose from Our Tailor-made Plans for Your Business. Starting at $249/month

Why Choose Us

Significant Cost Savings

Hiring our Virtual Assistant will help you to save your cost by not paying for the legal, insurance fees, and recruitment efforts, as well as the management and induction costs.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Not Pleased? You can have your cash without a hitch. No agreements, no secret charges, and no obligations while returning your money. You will get back 100% in return.

Free Trial Available

To clear any doubts, we will provide you with 5 hours of free trial. You can check our efficiency, professionalism and other factors. After the trial, if you are pleased, then you can choose our services.

Scalable 24/7 Support

For providing you with the most reliable assistance, we have personal VA present 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Hence you can get complete support from any timezone.

Robust Data & IP Security

Are you concerned about your data security? Relax, we will provide you with strong security to protect your data and privacy. Moreover, we are very confidential about our client’s business.

No Long Term Contracts

To keep you well-satisfied with our service we do not make any long-term contracts, we deliver your works within the fastest possible time by maintaining its quality and your expectations.