Customer Support

Building Customer Relationship

Study Your Business

Our customer expert studies your business before taking responsibility. They look at all the necessary details and also stays updated with the new details so they can provide the best answer to the customers.

High Communication Skills

Here we have customer support providers who are very communicative and can study the mood of the customers and know what will make them happy. They are very qualified in English.

Round the Clock Support

Our Customer support providers are present 24 hours,7 days and will immediately give customers information plus help they need regarding your business. Providing the best service to customers is our main priority.

Support through Multi-Medium

From replying to customer emails, receiving calls and responding to messages over phone or social media, our customer support assistants are very capable of approaching customers very professionally.

Live Chat Support

To add a more diverse means of interaction we give live chat support. We provide live chat software. That allows customers to make immediate inquiry through chat and not calling as it might be bit time consuming.

Follow-Ups and Checking

We also contact your recent and old customers to see if they are satisfied with the service and if there is any other problem regarding it. Moreover, we survey the customers and ask them how we can better the service.

Customer Support Advantage

Customer Support Advantage

  • Dealing with customers and their needs and queries are very crucial for your business reputation, increasing profits, and getting good reviews. A customer support provider must give high quality, helpful, and professional service to their customers at any given time. Onion 10 has people who are well trained to do so. Customer support covers tasks like answering client questions, providing assistance, troubleshooting, and updating clients to new products and services. The customer support team here will study your company inside out to give your customer the best and truthful answer.
  • We believe that to grow a strong company your need to make your customers happy before and after selling the service. You need to impress the customer in such a way that they come back to your company for that particular service every time they need it. Even after that, they should be so impressed by your service that they recommend it to others. For that, you should have a team that looks after all their queries and complaints and jumps right into solving them.
  • We make every customer feel special and their needs the foremost. It is necessary to reply to the customer in the quickest time and we do it for you with professionalism and maturity. Most of the time customers are in a time crunch or frustrated with given service, we look after them with patience and attentiveness. We communicate to them with friendliness and keep them assured.

Customer Support