Personal Assistants

Step Up Your Productivity

Internet Research, Spreadsheets & Presentations

Though these works seem easy it needs a lot of time and a high expertise level. Our intelligent assistants will do all this task with perfection in a limited time.

Database Management

We offer expert virtual database administrators. Our DBAs will do your database management task from design, installation, configuration, performance tuning, security, troubleshooting, storing to data recovery with accuracy.

CRM & CMS Support

Our Customer Relationship Management and Content management system specialists have incredible knowledge and skills to make an effect on marketing, customer, and business activities to achieve your ambition.

Admin & Personal Tasks

You can come across virtual professional admins in Onion10. Our staff are great at operating administrative tasks and control everything with grace and dedication.

Industry Support

To promote your business and to make it one of the leading industries, our virtual assistants will work with efficiency to meet up the requirement of yours.

Backoffice Support

We also provide back-office services to help you in focusing on the aspects of your business by saving your time, efforts, and resources. They will keep everything in the record.

All-Rounder Personal Assistants

All-Rounder Personal Assistants

  • We have learned the craft of virtual assistants and have worked in this field for more than a decade. Not only we are recruiting the best, but we are also preparing them using our approach, which has been perfected over time. Our staff works directly from the office where they get the best environment to brainstorm and work efficiently. We create an atmosphere where our employees can learn and give our clients the best experience. We have our weekly meetings, during which assistants develop a depth of understanding and expertise on new events, tasks, and resources and sharpen their awareness about collaborating with other companies.
  • Our assistants are modern, talented and love to explore new things, they are tech-savvy, you name the tool or app & they have worked on it. Whether it is a one time task or an ongoing process, simple schedule work or complex business task, your assistants will work as an extension of your core team members, add value and save you time & money, while you focus on the growth of your business.
  • Virtual assistants offer administrative support and help you tackle a lot of daily chores of your business freeing up your time and helping you become more creative & efficient. Our assistants are talented, trained, and have excellent communication skills along with in-depth knowledge of the latest CRM’s, Saas, apps, Microsoft Office, Google docs, and other online programs.

Personal Assistants